Ryan L Buchanan
Ogden, Utah, USA


Machine Learning Mathematics
Virtual Reality Aesthetics

About Ryan L Buchanan

I am training as a Software Developer, Data Analyst & Machine Learning Engineer.  I am currently enrolled in the Software Technology program at Ogden-Weber Technical College.  I am also acquiring certifications as an ML Engineer & Algorithmic Trader from Udacity.   I have a Masters in Data Analytics, an MBA & an MS in Instructional Design.  I have working knowledge of C#, R, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java and Python programming languages.

I have a multi-displinary background including military intelligence, psychology, linguistics, economics, virtual reality & educational technology.  I have worked abroad for ten years with military, universities & vocational schools.   I have working knowledge of Arabic, Chinese & French.  I am very mobile, able to relocate quickly, adapt easily to diverse working conditions & have a current passport.

I have a passion for mathematics, statistics & artificial intelligence.  I am enthusiastic, highly self-motivated & enjoy presenting informative data to decision makers.  I am eager to work with dynamic teams to create high quality products & services.

Data Science Free Diving

Non-code Possibilities

Book Review: Your clear presentation of your notes from reading and reviewing a machine learning book.
Coursework: Your clear presentation of your notes and homework for a machine learning related course (such as a MOOC).
Software Review: Your clear presentation and worked examples for using a machine learning related software tool or library.
Competition Participation: You’re clearly presented notes and results for participating in a machine learning competition, such as Kaggle.
Commentary: An essay in response to a machine learning themed blog post or your detailed response to a machine learning related question on a Q&A site like Quora, Reddit Machine Learning or CrossValidated.

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