Ryan L Buchanan
Ogden, Utah, USA


Data Science

"No linear indexing system is adequate to express the multi-dimensionality of knowledge"
Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver

Data Science Path & Life Cycle

  Data Science   ⇒   practice of transforming raw, challenging data into actionable insights; foreseen by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation series
  Data Analytics   ⇒   application of data science skills in the business world; the science of extracting trends, patterns & useful information from datasets to increse profits, better utilize resources & improve managerial operations

Planning | Discovery & Business Understanding

Wrangling | Data Acquisition, Cleaning & Exploration

Modeling | Predictive Modeling, Feature Engineering & Machine Learning

Applying | Data Visualization, Reporting & Decision Making

Data Analytics Lifecycle

Data Science as Business Intelligence

The application of the Scientific Method to make decisions rather than intuition, anecdotal evidence, gut instinct, executive opinions or coin flip

Scientific Method


Data Analytics Mathematics

Regression Analysis

An understandable equation to predict a single outcome based on multiple predictor variables

Data Acquisition

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Brilliant Tutorial Resources

About Ryan L Buchanan

I am re-skilling as a Data Analyst & Machine Learning Engineer.  I am currently enrolled in a Masters in Data Analytics.  I am also acquiring certifications as an ML Engineer & Algorithmic Trader from Udacity.   I have an MBA & an MS in Instructional Design.

I have a multi-displinary background including military intelligence, psychology, linguistics, economics, virtual reality & educational technology.  I have worked abroad for ten years with military, universities & vocational schools.   I have working knowledge of Arabic, Chinese & French.  I am very mobile, able to relocate quickly, adapt easily to diverse working conditions & have a current passport.

I have a passion for mathematics, statistics & artificial intelligence.  I am enthusiastic, highly self-motivated & enjoy presenting informative data to decision makers.  I am eager to work with dynamic teams to create high quality products & services.