Ryan L Buchanan
Ogden, Utah, USA


OTech Software Technology Program

"Math problems are spiral, not linear."
Lori Jo Webster

Math 1043 | Math for Software Development

This course covers topics applicable to Software Development such as: algebraic modeling and equations, ratio and proportion.

Module 1: Introduction to Algebra

Unit 5.1: Fundamental Operations

Module 2: Equations and Formulas

Unit 6.6: Applications Involving Problem Solving
--Challenged and passed Math 1043 at 85%.

Progamming 1001 | Foundations of Computer Science

TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro

Progamming 1070 | Structured Project I

Module 4: Algorithms and Control Structures

Progamming 1075 | Structured Project II

Module 1: Exception Handling and Arrays

Progamming 1080 | Structured Project III

Module 1: Graphic User Interfaces


Module 2: GUIs with Windows Forms

Visual Studio GUI

Corey's Knick Knacks

Module 3: Prototyping

Figma Prototype

Student Portal - VR Dev Kids - Astronomy VR Dev Course

Module 4: Windows Presentation Foundation

Deliverable 11 - Winforms CKK GUI

Corey's Knick Knacks Inventory Management System

Visual Studio Winforms Walkthrough

Progamming 1500 | Oracle SQL

Module 1: SQL and Data

Progamming 1190 | Photoshop for the Web

Module 12: Final Project

Graduation Invitation: Ryan L. Buchanan - US Army Defense Language Institute

Progamming 2113 | HTML and CSS

Positively Brilliant References

About Ryan L Buchanan

I am training as a Software Developer, Data Analyst & Machine Learning Engineer.  I have completed a Masters in Data Analytics from Western Governors University.  I am also acquiring certifications as a Software Developer from Ogden-Weber Technical College.  I have an MBA & an MEd in Instructional Design.  I have working knowledge of R, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java and Python programming languages.

I have a multi-displinary background including military intelligence, psychology, linguistics, economics, virtual reality & educational technology.  I have worked abroad for ten years with military, universities & vocational schools.   I have working knowledge of Arabic, Chinese & French.  I am very mobile, able to relocate quickly, adapt easily to diverse working conditions & have a current passport.

I have a passion for mathematics, statistics & artificial intelligence.  I am enthusiastic, highly self-motivated & enjoy presenting informative data to decision makers.  I am eager to work with dynamic teams to create high quality products & services.